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Filigree Collection Collaborates with Nadia Farooqi

Posted on April 21 2021

Filigree Collection Collaborates with Nadia Farooqi

Celebrate the festivities of the wedding season with exquisite formal dresses, that flaunt the real you. Recently, Filigree Collection had an awestruck chance to collaborate with the famous clothing brand, Nadia Farooqi.  

Festive Dresses with Heritage Jewelry

The captivating formal collection by Nadia Farooqi is poised with a blend of traditional and contemporary looks. The beautiful details of the zardozi, gotta, and hand-embroidered attires were complimented with eye-catchy, awe-struck ornaments by Filigree Collection. Our signature Heritage Jewelry and the Western pearl pieces gave an embarking touch to the royal pallet of the festive, colorful dresses.